Why You Must Remove Stumps

While it is a big project to cut a tree, removing stumps is actually easy. The removal of the stump is also as necessary but it is usually not a part of the tree removal process. That’s the reason why a lot of people have stumps still sitting in their lawns. A stump can’t be removed easily, but can it be done. If you are using the right processes and techniques, then the work is quicker and easier and several viable options are available.

Reasons for Removal of the Stump

It makes little sense for the tree stump to remain there after the problem of having a tree cut has been resolved. Some of the best reasons for removing stumps are:

1. Aesthetics

Nobody loves looking into a lawn and seeing the land littered with old stumbling blocks. They will look worse if weeds start to grow around it, which inevitably will happen over time. Your lawn will look bad with stumps on it.

2. Space

Stumps take space. A lot of people require to clear their yards so they can build on it. With the stump still in there, it will be impossible to build. This is why you have to remove the stump immediately after cutting the tree.

3. Health issues

There are stumps that are considered toxic. Some will be covered with other plants such as weeds and grass. Also, injuries may arise if there are stumps on your lawn. You may stub your toes on it. Worse, you’ll slip and fall.

Assessing Tree Stumps

Some stumps can be removed faster than others so different techniques must be used. The advance preparation and knowledge about which tactics and solutions would make things a lot easier is needed. For example, removing the stump of pine tree is easier than that of other types of trees. Pine stumps are typically broad, flat, and fairly shallow. They have feathery stumps with deep and long roots.

The height and age of trees measures of the severity of the stump removal process. The older the roots are, the harder it is removed. It is also simpler to remove small stumps than big stumps. When selecting a method to remove stumps, calculate how much has to removed.

Stump Grinding Process

If you need to remove stumps fast, hire a contractor with a professional grinder to do the job. So, it is financially sensible to perform the job on your own if there is more than one stump to cut. Just be careful when using it as stump grinders are risky pieces of equipment. You should wear protective clothing when using it. Be vigilant and use protective glasses as well. Wood chips may float around while grinding.

It’s also a great idea for someone to learn how the grinder is used before you rent it out. This will greatly help if you have never used a grinding machine before. When you remove a stump from your yard, you will remove everything. You can do the job on your own, but you can evaluate your time, costs and efforts carefully before doing so. There is a good chance that you have to buy or rent equipment to perform the task so hiring the experts in tree service Memphis is better.