Springtime is yet to come in which we can experience sunny afternoons at the park, cool breezes, blossoms, and beautiful colors. Yes, it is almost that time again. However, before the spring finally lands in our areas, it is vital to examine our landscape for the season to guarantee that your lawn is appealing and healthy at the same time. If you don’t know how to do this kind of assessment, check out the ways professionals use for this:

Prepare for spring and address yard damages

When you can observe hanging branches or broken tree limbs, make sure to contact a reliable lawn expert or a certified arborist to examine the situation and take the needed steps to correct and avoid damage to happen in the future. We do not encourage you to try cutting down tree leaves without any assistance from the experts. Note that tree branches re heavier than you can imagine and they can also be unpredictable as they are cut down. Bare grass patch is one of the typical problems with severe winters. Once you can see any bare patches, think about putting grass fertilizer and seed. Make sure to rake dead leaves, water your lawn, eliminate weeds, and apply fertilizer to the stressed area to treat them.

Survey your lawn

An extreme winter can lead to massive lawn damage. Once your landscape experiences this damage during the winter season, you probably notice indications of that while the warmer months draw near. However, you don’t need to worry since lawn can simply be restored with the right treatment. Make sure to search for stripped bark, cracks in landscaping in Lompoc, hanging or broken branches, and scorched foliage. Moreover, try to see if there’s any indication of damage from the activities done for removing snow, like plow damage, salt damage, and build up and more. Note everything that you can notice on a piece of paper and make sure to do something about them before the damages will be more severe before you consider to start treating or planting your lawn.

Plan for an attractive design

After you have assessed your land and determined which repairs must be made to make your landscape better, you can now concentrate on how it will look this incoming springtime. Try to think about the colors that you want to see in your landscape, what plants you want to display and nurture, and basically your overall vision. Also, consider what landscaping feature do you really want to put in your lawn? Now is the perfect time to think about these things and make a plan for the betterment of your landscape. Come up with an allotted budget of how much you would like to spend on your project.

Remember that all of these are more likely made possible with the help of the landscape experts who knows how to do things effectively and efficiently. Hiring them would be the best way to go if you want to really prepare your lawn for spring.